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Service agreements

A service agreement is a contract between the Department of Communities and a service provider for the provision of purchased disability services for people with disability across Western Australia. Specific details outlined in the agreement ensure that people with disability, their families and carers are delivered a quality service under the guidelines of the Disability Service Standards whilst being in an environment of finite resources.

The details include but are not limited to the following:

  • number and type of services that are funded
  • amount and type of funding specified for each service
  • list of individuals where funding is individually tied
  • whether funding is recurrent or non-recurrent
  • term of the agreement
  • description of the purpose of the funding and services
  • expected outcomes and outputs of the services
  • reporting of financial and non-financial data for output reconciliation
  • any other purchasing conditions specific to the agreement.

Variations may be required during the term of the agreement. This may occur, for example, where individuals with individually tied funding move from one service to another or from one organisation to another. Variations are normally managed by Service Contract and Development Officers (SCDOs) and it is this type of flexibility in service provision that helps ensure that individual needs are met.