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Service Contracting and Development Officer

Upon the commencement of a Service Agreement with the Department of Communities Service Contracting and Development Officer (SCDO) will be assigned to your organisation whom will be your main point of contact. The support of your SCDO relates to your Department of Communities, disability funded Service Agreements and Contracts. 

There are the three areas in which your SCDO can assist you in the requirements of the Service Agreement:

  1. Your Service Agreement: Contracts are a necessary part of purchasing services and we try to make them as simple as possible.  Your SCDO is there to clarify the information in the contract and help you meet your obligations under your Agreement with the Commission.  Depending on the type of service, SCDOs assist with funding plans, obtaining funding approvals and releasing of funds.  They’ll also make sure any changes to your Agreement are officially recorded and provide you with updated information on your contract.
  2. Service Development: A major part of a SCDO’s role is to respond to requests for assistance from service providers to ensure the services they offer are contemporary, viable and sustainable in the long term.
  3. Quality Assurance: All service providers strive towards continuous quality improvement as an essential element of human services.  This is particularly important in disability services and one of the key roles of your SCDO is to provide information on strategies and resources to help you achieve high quality services that meet the Disability Services Standards.

For queries relating to your NDIS Contracts and Agreements, please contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.