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WA NDIS quarterly reports

Under the terms of the two National Partnership Agreements, the Disability Services Commission (the Commission) will provide the Commonwealth Government with quarterly reports on individuals and expenditure in accordance with the Integrated National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Performance Reporting Framework.

These reports will feed into the ongoing comparative evaluation of services and outcomes in the WA NDIS sites and the NDIS National Disability Insurance Agency sites.

Information presented in these reports is collected independently of the national NDIS reporting process and uses standardised methods developed by the Commission.

The WA NDIS was formally known as the WA NDIS My Way and is referenced as such in early reports.

Quarterly Report: Q12 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q12 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q11 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q11 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q10 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q10 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q9 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q9 (Word) 

Quarterly Report: Q8 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q8 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q7 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q7 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q6 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q6 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q5 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q5 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q4 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q4 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q3 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q3 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q2 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q2 (Word)

Quarterly Report: Q1 (PDF)
Quarterly Report: Q1 (Word)

Actuarial reports

Taylor Fry has been appointed as the independent actuary for the WA NDIS trial. A key requirement of the actuarial role is to carry out analysis of the outcomes and assess the financial sustainability of the WA NDIS sites.  Every quarter, the actuary reports to the Commission on these elements and trends in demographics and identifies how supports are provided to people with disability, their families and carers.  The actuary also advises a Joint Steering Committee each quarter of estimates of future expenditure on WA NDIS sites.

To mark the end of the first 12 months of the trial, Taylor Fry produced a WA NDIS My Way Financial Sustainability Summary Report. This report provides a critical examination of the baseline forecasts of numbers of individuals, average plan costs and the Commission’s risk management practices. 

WA NDIS My Way Financial Sustainability Summary Report 2014-15
Quarterly Actuarial Report: Q6
Quarterly Actuarial Report: Q5
Quarterly Actuarial Report: Q4
Quarterly Actuarial Report: Q3
Quarterly Actuarial Report: Q2
Quarterly Actuarial Report: Q1 

As part of the financial sustainability report findings, the actuary recommended the Commission include an internal monthly monitoring dashboard to its performance monitoring. These will be published on a monthly basis to further improve the visibility of WA NDIS trial performance.

Actuarial monitoring dashboards

WA NDIS dashboard - June 2017

WA NDIS dashboard - May 2017

WA NDIS dashboard - April 2017

WA NDIS dashboard - March 2017

WA NDIS dashboard - February 2017
WA NDIS dashboard - January 2017
WA NDIS dashboard - December 2016
WA NDIS dashboard - November 2016
WA NDIS dashboard - October 2016
WA NDIS dashboard - September 2016
WA NDIS dashboard - August 2016
WA NDIS dashboard - July 2016
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - June 2016
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - May 2016
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - April 2016
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - March 2016
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - February 2016
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - January 2016
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - December 2015
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - November 2015
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - October 2015
WA NDIS My Way dashboard - September 2015