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Young people shaping our inclusive society

Young people today are not waiting to inherit the society we choose to leave them – they are shaping contemporary society with their hard-hitting questions and divergent perspectives.

Recently, members from the Youth Disability Advocacy Network (YDAN), the peak representative body for young people with disability in Western Australia, facilitated workshops on disability access and inclusion to two youth leadership groups from the City of Mandurah.

YDAN partnered with the Youth Affairs Council of WA and used funding from an ILC grant.

The workshops gave the YDAN team, which comprised young people with disability, an opportunity to educate their peers about their lived experiences, and give them unique insights and advice on how to improve access and inclusion in their activities and events.

During the question and answer sessions, the young leaders showed their interest and commitment to the topics, asking difficult questions and seeking clarification on inclusion and access.

Their no-nonsense approach delighted the YDAN facilitators, enabling them to provide more examples of inaccessibility and exclusion in their own lives that they could now better identify.

Participants of previous YDAN workshops have provided positive feedback on the facilitators, saying having young people with disability lead the training gives them a unique and valuable insight.

YDAN and the Youth Affairs Council of WA will continue to present more workshops this year.

For more information, visit the YDAN Facebook page.

Pictured below are YDAN team members Jack Meakins and Vanessa Vlajkovic with the City of Mandurah young leaders.YDAN team with youth leaders