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Collaboration works for Carers WA team

The ILC team at Carers WA has found a central theme – collaboration – which enables them to deliver their Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) work well.

They have formed good partnerships with other ILC grant recipients, local government authorities, community organisations and communities by working closely with these stakeholders.

This has allowed the Carers WA team to maximise the outcomes of the ILC funding, which also supports more people to navigate and understand the NDIS.

To date, the ILC team from Carers WA has delivered 68 NDIS workshops, engaged in over 2,000 phone calls and emails, and assisted more than 50 individuals in one-to-one information sessions.

The team has travelled throughout the State as far north as Wyndham and as far south as Esperance, with over 3,800 people being supported in their learning about the NDIS.

Carers WA staff delivered a presentation at the recent ILC grant recipients update meeting that they hosted. View the video here.