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The Early Years Metro (EYM) Program

The program is an early childhood intervention service that provides individualised therapy to children, from birth to six years, who have been diagnosed with global developmental delay and may have other types of disability, such as autism, Down Syndrome or genetic syndromes. The age range is in line with the NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach.

We aim for all children to flourish and reach their potential. This means for children to have a happy childhood with rich opportunities to participate in family and community life – to have a good life like every child deserves.
People who support your child and family
Children learn best in their natural environments, which starts in the home. The team knows that it is a privilege to enter your home, get to know your family and work with you during your child’s early years. Our therapists are highly trained, and they work closely with you, to ensure intervention is effective and meets your child’s and family’s needs.

The people closest to the child have the most impact on their development. Therapy works best if families work closely with therapists to support their child’s learning and development.

The program aims to build the resources and confidence of families, teachers and other caregivers to optimise the child’s learning and development across their day. This aims to increase the child’s participation and independence wherever they are, including at home, child care, parks, shops and schools. The team will work with caregivers to develop strategies, routines and supports to maximise learning opportunities in daily routines.

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To find out more:
Families can contact the Early Years Metro Team directly. Anyone else working with the child or family may also make a referral with consent of the family.

Contact details
Team Leader, 71-73 Norma Rd, Myaree 6154
Tel: (08) 6167 8428 or 6167 8429