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Consumer satisfaction survey

Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2017

Each year, the Disability Services Commission undertakes a survey of people with disability who use Commission-provided or funded services. It also surveys the carers of people registered with the Commission.  

This year, the survey will be conducted between 15 February and 31 March.

The process involves conducting phone interviews with about 1,100 people. It is being undertaken by external consultant Patterson Research Group.

The final report is expected to be completed by 30 June 2017. The results will be available in the Commission’s 2016–2017 annual report and Community e-newsletter

Frequently asked questions

Why is the Commission doing the survey? The Commission wants to determine if people are satisfied with the disability services they receive. This information can help to improve services and is also used for the Commission’s performance reporting to government, as well as informing policy development in areas such as community participation and demand for services.

Who will be asked to participate? About 1,100 people who receive services funded or provided by the Commission will be asked to participate. Where possible, people with disability will be interviewed – otherwise their carers or support staff will be asked to respond. 

People will be randomly selected for participation and will only be contacted if they have used disability services for one year, or longer, and within the past 12 months.

What sorts of questions will be asked? In addition to questions on satisfaction with Commission services, people will be asked how often they do various activities (such as go out for entertainment) and whether they would like to do these activities more or less often. There are also questions on how easy or difficult it is to access local services and amenities. Some questions are just for carers so the Commission can also understand their experiences. 

When will the survey be conducted? The survey will be conducted between 15 February and 31 March 2017.

How will the survey be conducted? The survey will be conducted over the phone and take about 15 minutes. Where a person is unable to use a phone, the interview will be conducted in a format that suits them.

Can people refuse to participate? Yes, participation is voluntary and people can refuse to participate at any time.

Will the information remain confidential? Yes. To ensure confidentiality and encourage people to openly express their opinions, an independent research company, Patterson Research Group, has been contracted to undertake the survey. Safeguards have been put in place to ensure the information they collect and provide to the Commission will not identify any individuals.

Will service providers be identified? No, service providers will not be identified.

Will the results of the survey be available? Yes. Survey outcomes will be published in the Commission’s annual report, Community e-newsletter and through information sessions.

Contact for the survey? If you have any further questions about the survey, please contact Nick Cantatore, Evaluation Officer Sector Engagement and Development, on 9426 9203 or at